New Horizons for Serum Separation Cards

Published On: 22 October, 2021

The developing need for a new format of dried blood spot card for direct-to-consumer laboratory testing, consumer-friendly lab testing, and in-home sampling is on the rise. With recent advances in laboratory workflows and methods using serum collection methods and the introduction of plasma separation cards, BSD Robotics is proud to introduce the BSD600 Ascent PLUS punch instrument.

The BSD600 Ascent Plus has been exclusively designed to meet the specific demands of punching serum and plasma separator cards such as the ADx 100 card produced by Advance DX LLC.

As the next generation of semi-automated instrument within the popular BSD600 Ascent series, the BSD600 Ascent Plus prioritizes consistency, traceability, reliability, and ease of use to enhance laboratory processes. Sampling of layered membrane cards is easily performed with the assistance of a light targeting system coupled with automatic pattern punching allowing the user to punch multiple disks from each sample card.

The light targeting system illuminates the custom punch pattern on the sample card aiding the user to visually position the card for optimal punching. The automatic pattern punching feature results in increased laboratory throughput by automatically punching multiple disks that are evenly spaced apart on each card.

For more information about the BSD600 Ascent Plus, please contact to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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