BSD Nova M4

(Dried Blood Spot Puncher)

The BSD Nova M4 was designed to answer the needs of laboratories with limited budgets without compromising on BSD quality. The Nova M4 employs high quality punch componentry and comes with a full complement of features available in BSD Studio software for flexible test preparation and LIMS integration.

BSD Nova M4 Features

BSD Nova M4 Features

Sample Barcode Reader

Automate sample tracking with punch output files.

Air Humidification System

Reduce static electricity on the sample.

Single Punch Head

Single punch size may be selected ranging between 1.0mm-6.0mm.

Four Plate Capacity

Compatible with ANSI SLAS 1-2004 microplate dimensions. Suits standard 14mm high microplates and PCR formats.


Model BSD Nova M4

(DBS Puncher)

Product Code: M4
Released: 2019
Plate Deck: Four plate capacity.
Plate Compatibility:

Compatible with ANSI SLAS 1-2004 microplate dimensions. Suits standard 14mm high microplates and PCR formats.

Sample Compatibility: Compatible with all sample collection filter paper. Dried samples on filter paper, framed or unframed cards. e.g. Whatman FTA Card, FTA PlantSaver Card, Protein Saver Card, Guthrie card, Bode Buccal DNA Collector.
Punch Head: Single punch size selection from 1.2, 3.2, 4.7 or 6.0mm
Punch Activation: 4 ways to punch: (1) Footswitch, (2) Push button, (3) Auto-trigger function, or (4) Software control screen.
Software: One license copy of BSD Studio software.
Weight: 18 KG / 39 lbs
Dimensions: 650mm W x 440mm D x 350mm H


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