Health Diagnostics & Newborn Screening

30 years of punching technology for NBS and health laboratories.
The first BSD punch instruments were developed to improve workflow for newborn screening. Now decades later, the application of BSD punch instruments includes a wider audience of personal health diagnostics and multiplexed assays based on colorimetry, fluorescence, MS, HPLC and molecular methods.

Critical factors in health screening and diagnostics include the ability to consistently punch multiple aliquots from areas of a dried blood spot, with maximum throughput. Often, different downstream assays will require specific subsample amounts that correspond to punch tool diameters. BSD instruments allow punch sites to be pinpointed to remove specific areas of the sample when there is low sample volume or conformity.

Pattern Punching

Automatically position the punch tool to maximize every sample.

Flexible Punching

Dual punch pins for fast and seamless punch size selection.

Light Targeting

Pinpoint the best punch sites.

Card Imaging System

Automate site selection for challenging DBS samples.

With an increasing trend to include molecular assays, features to reduce nucleic acid carryover between samples and the flexibility to subsequently operate multiple tests for biochemical and molecular assays are required.

Further, as subsamples can be very small, they are prone to effects of static electricity that can accumulate on the sample and on microplates or test tubes.

Punch Cleaning

Minimize sample carryover.

Dust Extraction

Manage contamination from paper dust build-up.

Air Ionizer

Reduce static electricity on microplates.

With increasing laboratory sophistication and a need for greater system integration to enhance automation and productivity, open systems compatibility is a growing demand.

Records & Files

Generate rich worklist files, plate maps and image data.

BSD Integrator

Integrate punch worklist files with multiple instruments.