Pathology & Consumer Diagnostics

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Seen as a consumer-friendly option, there is an increased reliance on dried biosample collection cards in new testing regimes developed for the direct-to-consumer testing market. Sample collection cards containing dried blood, saliva, urine, and faeces, either sampled at home or at collection facilities, may all be punched at the laboratory into an optimal sample size needed for downstream processing. This sampling technique is being used within consumer genomics and heredity, targeted therapy, targeted screening as well as allergy and wellness monitoring.

The BSD600 Ascent Plus is designed to accommodate the new trend for sample collection using serum and plasma separation cards. With advances in workflow and methods the versatile punching systems are primed for new applications that utilize our customization service.

Precision Punch System

Easily punch a variety of card types.

Light Targeting

Pinpoint the best punch sites.

Flexible Punching

Dual punch pins for fast and seamless punch size selection.

Customization Service

Contact us for specific application needs.