Punch every spot with perfection.

Why Choose BSD

30 years history

BSD released the first semi-automated puncher in the early days and have since supplied punchers to hundreds of laboratories worldwide. Read about BSD punchers cited in scientific research literature here.

You're in good company

BSD customers include high-profile laboratories with leading reputations across industries such as forensic DNA, newborn screening, reference laboratories, university research organisations, and crop sciences.

More Choices

With the broadest punching product portfolio (2,4 & 6 plates, soon 9 plates), options and customisation services to fulfil most applications, we are committed to delivering the product and support you need.

Our Commitment

We're here for the long term and commited to the continual supply of spare parts, providing service and support with experienced field service technicians around the world. BSD punchers are made to last.

We specialise in punching technology and applications.

A perfect blend of automation puts you in control.
  • Control when and how to punch each sample to perfection.
  • Punch as much or as little as you need to boost workflow.
  • Let automatic pattern-punching take care of repetitive tasks.
Get the results you need with ease.
  • Start punching without delay, complete each plate in minutes.
  • Lock-down specific punching protocols for routine workflow.
  • Receive the evidence you need from output files and saved images.
Save on costs with minimal downtime and maintenance.
  • High availability and long service intervals.
  • Uncomplicated automation for supreme reliability.
  • No consumables and minimal ongoing support required.
Ergonomic advantages over hand punching.
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries.
  • Increase laboratory staff safety.
What can be punched?
  • Whatman FTA, ADX100, Guthrie cards
  • Neonatal and protein saver cards
  • Dried plasma spot (DPS) cards
  • Other dried blood spot (DBS) cards
  • Buccal DNA collectors
  • Framed or unframed filter paper
  • Plant leaf samples
  • Hair samples on card