Infectious Diseases

Enable higher sample throughput for population studies.
Due to the simplicity, privacy, reliability, and efficacy of dried blood, saliva, and vector sample spotting, there is an increasing utilization of this technique. Aliquot punching from these samples may be used for molecular tests, serological diagnosis, and epidemiological surveys of infectious disease such as HIV, HBS, HCV, HPV, Malaria, Zika, Dengue, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Covid-19.

BSD punch instruments solve the challenges associated with sample preparation. Our products are designed to minimize sample cross-contamination with the accurate distribution of punched aliquots into PCR plates, deep-well plate, or any consumables for downstream processing.

Light Targeting

Pinpoint the best punch sites.

Punch Cleaning

Minimize sample carryover.

Plate & Rack Compatibility

Use deep-well and PCR plates or tube racks.

Plate & Tube Adaptors

Mix plate and rack types within the same punch run.

Plate Editor

Work with 12, 24, 40, 48, 96 well or tube formats and more.

Customization Service

Contact us for specific application needs.