Enabling new science and technology in plant and animal science.
The advancement of molecular techniques provides substantial benefits and sustainability for agriculture. Applications for BSD instruments include crop science, plant and animal genetics and breeding, toxicology, crop protection and sustainability. Punchable sample types include crop specimen, plant leaves, homogenate spot, insect vector, dried blood, urine, faeces, and tissue sample including hair, scales, or fins.

BSD instruments are designed to minimize the nucleic acid carryover and to deliver accuracy, consistency, and speed of sample preparation, all critical in obtaining reliable and timely results. The punching systems include highly configurable software to accommodate the varied materials found in plant and animal samples. The punch head and mobile chute are manufactured to perfectly accommodate different types of samples.

Punch Cleaning

Minimize sample carryover.

Plate Editor

Work with 12, 24, 40, 48, 96 well or tube formats and more.

Profile Editor

Configure the instrument to suit your application.

Customization Service

Contact us for specific application needs.