Forensic Science

Supporting you at the forefront of forensic science.
BSD punch instruments are used globally as a trusted tool for many forensic applications, including databasing, casework, paternity, ancestry, post-mortem, toxicology, and human identification.

Sample collection and processing are important steps in the legal investigation process. Collection of different samples such as dried blood, saliva buccal, urine, faeces or tissue sample including hair follicles on sample collection cards are proven methods for use in forensic biology.

The objective of the BSD semi-automatic punching system is to ensure uniform sample aliquots are taken from sites of interest, while minimizing potential contamination and maintaining traceability. With punching being a physical process, the design of the punch head and features for cleaning are critical factors of puncher design.

Light Targeting

Pinpoint the best punch sites.

Punch Cleaning

Minimize sample carryover.

Dust Extraction

Manage contamination from paper dust build-up.

Given the nature of legal investigation and human identification, system security accurate tracking and complete recording of the sample preparation process is vital.

Barcode Reader

Automate sample tracking.

Records & Files

Generate rich worklist files, plate maps and image data.

Validation Camera

Capture the end result for each punch run.

BSD Integrator

Integrate punch worklist files with multiple instruments.

System Security

Configure user access and permissions.

BSD products offer features that address subsampling properties and environmental factors mitigating the effects of static electricity that can accumulate on the sample and on microplates or test tubes.


Reduce static electricity on the sample.

Air Ionizer

Reduce static electricity on microplates.

Whilst 96-well microplates are commonly used, forensic workflows can involve punching into tubes, deep-well and microplates of alternate formats.

Plate & Rack Compatibility

Use deep-well and PCR plates or tube racks.

Plate & Tube Adaptors

Mix plate and rack types within the same punch run.

Plate Editor

Work with 12, 24, 40, 48, 96 well or tube formats and more.

Customization Service

Contact us for specific application needs.