BSD Robotics is attending ISHI 2023!

Published On: 27 July, 2023

Join us at ISHI 2023 as we showcase the new era of the BSD600 series, the BSD600 Ascent A2 punch instrument – the recommended sample preparation solution for forensic databasing laboratories.

Twenty-five years since the initial launch of the BSD600 Duet series and establishing a proud install base of over 500 Duet instruments worldwide, BSD Robotics has announced discontinuation of service and support for the Duet ending 31st December 2024. With support of the BSD600 Duet planned to conclude end of 2024, BSD Robotics is excited to offer the next in the series of BSD600 instruments, the BSD600 Ascent A2.

Built on field-proven BSD600 technology, the BSD600 Ascent A2 has been designed with the needs of forensic databasing laboratories in mind with a focus on enhanced traceability and documentation capabilities. Development has been based on customer feedback with significant enhancements in technology offering greater flexibility for your laboratory workflow.

Since initial release in 2018, the BSD600 Ascent A2 has established a reputation as a laboratory staple and continues BSD Robotics’ history as the market leader in forensic applications. Visit us at booth #217 at ISHI 2023 for a demonstration of the BSD600 Ascent A2 and to discuss your individual requirements with our BSD specialists.

For further information regarding the BSD600 Duet support conclusion, find out more here.


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