BSD Galaxy A9 – BSD’s most compact, high-capacity punch instrument

Published On: 1 December, 2021

BSD Robotics is proud to introduce the BSD Galaxy A9 instrument in 2021 providing newborn screening laboratories with greater freedom of choice ­­­and the flexibility of open systems integration with features to enhance overall user comfort.

With the advancement in technology, expansion of test panels and introduction of molecular tests required by Newborn Screening (NBS) laboratories, BSD Robotics has designed and manufactured the latest semi-automated puncher to meet the developing needs of NBS customers.

Freedom of Choice

With capabilities of accommodating up to 9 plates simultaneously in a compact benchtop solution, the BSD Galaxy A9 is BSD’s most compact, high-capacity punch instrument to date. Offering greater flexibility to work with any combination of ELISA plates, tube racks, PCR plates and deep well plates up to 45mm high, laboratories can select the most suitable labware for their application. As with all BSD instruments, compatibility with a wide range of sample cards allows the possibility to use the sample collection method that best suits the individual laboratory requirements.

BSD Studio software is now packaged with the BSD Integrator plugin providing a greater degree of flexibility through the configurable worklist file conversion software. Open system integration is achieved with the ability to produce multiple output file formats and automatically complete output file processing for compatibility with a range of third-party instruments.

Assurance for your Workflow

With advanced documentation capabilities and increased connectivity, the BSD Galaxy A9 inspires confidence and ensures certainty for your workflow. Precise sample tracking is achieved through the introduction of a dual imaging system to reduce user decision making, streamline documentation practices and alleviate sample variation throughout the punching process.

The addition of security protocols provides complete management and assurance of punch protocols, whilst decontamination and static mitigation features aim to reduce the risk of processing errors and ensure sample integrity.

Controlled Comfort

Users can enjoy completing their workflow with ease and precision without compromising on personnel comfort and safety. Ergonomically designed to improve ease-of-use and adaptability, the BSD Galaxy A9 features an adjustable monitor arm for interchangeable working heights most suited to user preferences. Plate deck illumination and transparent covers provides the user with greater visualisation for monitoring throughout the punching process.

For more information about the new BSD Galaxy A9 instrument, contact us at and find out how BSD solutions can help streamline your sample preparation workflows.


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