BSD600 Ascent 2020 Update


You talked. We listened.

Here at BSD Robotics we take great pride in providing the highest quality sample punching solutions and preparation techniques for all our customers. We understand no two customers are the same so after gaining your valuable feedback we've made some changes to the BSD600 Ascent range.


The BSD600 Ascent 2020 is equipped with the latest technology and BSD Studio software to meet your needs in different fields of life science from forensic science to molecular research. BSD Studio is a flexible, robust and user-friendly software with a range of new and improved features that have been updated based on customer feedback from forensic and research laboratories all around the globe.
The addition of a Well Inspection feature allows the operator to visually inspect the contents of any well in real time without opening the instrument hood to minimize physical access to microplates during a punch run.
A redesigned enclosure and cover for improved sealing reduces the chance of paper dust and ionised air dispersion for greater efficiency of static control and cleanliness.
An internally mounted barcode reader is now an orderable option to automatically read, track and save plate barcodes. New backlight and plate mounting system simplifies the plate loading and improves plate visualization.
Output file processing has a new world of possibilities thanks to a software plugin that can be used to automatically post-process BSD output files.
A much wider range of formats is now possible to interface with specific LIMS or instrument formats including popular models of Genetic Analysers.
Software security is now complemented with customisable security permissions for each User Access Levels to tailor access to specific features and functions of the instrument for different operators.
Quieter operation for user comfort was improved by reducing audible noise and operational control of internal air pumps.
A new 12” Tablet PC offers improved visualisation and faster processing capability.
New methods were introduced for software calibration of the plate deck.
The plate deck and height adjustment system were completely redesigned for faster plate loading and unloading, extended compatibility with plate and tube types and easier height adjustment.