BSD600 Ascent M2
(Dried Blood Spot Puncher)

The BSD600 Ascent is the fourth generation of the ever-popular BSD600 series, optimized for molecular assay preparation. Outfitted with a dual punch head, two separate punch sizes may be chosen to meet sub-sampling specifications. The sample aliquot can be punched into plates or tubes with sample integrity backed by plate image documentation and an internal ionizer and humidifier for static mitigation. Enjoy the benefits of the lastest features and capabilities of BSD Studio software and touchscreen operation.

The BSD600 Ascent M2 model features a fixed punch head allowing the user to position the sample card by visual alignment for each required punch. The user will visually position the card, punch the sample in one location and then re-position the card before punching again. Positioning of the card under the punch head therefore relies on the user’s visual perception.

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BSD600 Ascent M2 Features

BSD600 Ascent M2 Features

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Mounted touchscreen Tablet PC provides ease of operation whilst minimizing overall footprint.

Air Humidification System

Reduce static electricity on the sample.

Sample Barcode Reader

Automate sample tracking with punch output files.

Ionizer System

Reduce static electricity on microplates, for punching reliability.

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Model BSD600 Ascent M2 (DBS Puncher)

Product Code:
Plate Deck:
Two plate capacity.
Plate Compatibility:
Standard, deep well, PCR, ELISA microplates or tube racks up to 44mm height.
Sample Compatibility:
Compatible with all sample collection filter paper. Dried samples on filter paper, framed or unframed cards. e.g. Whatman FTA Card, FTA PlantSaver Card, Protein Saver Card, Guthrie card, Bode Buccal DNA Collector.
Punch Head:
Dual punch sizes between 1.0-6.0mm.
Punch Activation:
3 ways to punch (1) Footswitch, (2) Auto-trigger function, or (3) Software control screen.
One license copy of BSD Studio software.
25 KG / 55 lbs
515mm W x 585mm D x 425mm* H (* height does not include any tablet mount or bracket)
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