BSD600 PLUS DBS and Sample Media Puncher


The BSD600PLUS is a compact and reliable means to process samples with a wide range of punching scenarios. A dual combination of punch sizes allows multiple samples to be quickly removed from each blood or saliva spot with ease, repeatability and reliability.

The BSD600PLUS is a Series 3 instrument with a full feature set for higher throughput and flexible test sequences. Series 3 improvements include ergonomics, ease of maintenance, reduced weight and USB connectivity.

Compatible with standard or deep well 96 well plates or tubes.

BSD600Plus Puncher


  • Dimensions: 575mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 500mm (H)
  • Two Plate Capacity
  • Two Punch Sizes
  • Autotrigger Punch Activation
  • Disk Detection System to monitor punching
  • Light Targeting System and Pattern Punching
  • Humidifier System for static mitigation
  • Integrated Barcode Reader for sample tracking and output file tracking
  • Quick Release Punch and Die (Mark4) for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Multiple Pattern Punching
  • Dust Extraction Option
  • External 110-240V Power Pack


  • Higher punching throughput and more complicated test sequences.
  • Light targeting and pattern punching allows automatic punching of up to 7 disks per blood / saliva spot.