BSD600 DUET DBS and Sample Media Puncher


The BSD600 DUET is a two plate, second generation BSD puncher with over a decade of field proven reliability and sharing common components with the BSD300.

It has a full feature set including a humidifier system for static mitigation, disk detector system to monitor punching operation, and a barcode reader for sample tracking and output file tracking, light targeting and pattern punching. Optional auto trigger punch activation and dust extraction system are available.

BSD600Duet Puncher


  • Dimensions: 650mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 460mm (H)
  • Two Plate Capacity
  • Two Punch Sizes
  • Disk Detection System
  • Light Targeting System
  • Air Humidification System
  • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Multiple Pattern Punching
  • Autotrigger Punch Option
  • Dust Extraction Option
  • 110-240VAC


  • The BSD600 Duet remains a choice by laboratories with an existing install base of BSD600 Duets with existing operational familiarity and process validation.