BSD300 DBS and Sample Media Puncher


The BSD300 is a six plate, second generation BSD puncher with over a decade of field proven reliability.

The BSD300 has a full feature set including a humidifier system for static mitigation, disk detector system to monitor punching operation, and a barcode reader for sample tracking and output file tracking, light targeting and pattern punching. Optional auto trigger punch activation and dust extraction system are available.

Compatible with standard or deep well 96 well plates or tubes.

BSD300 Puncher


  • Dimensions: 1000mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 400mm (H)
  • Six Plate Capacity
  • Two Punch Sizes
  • Disk Detection System
  • Light Targeting System
  • Air Humidification System
  • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Multiple Pattern Punching
  • Autotrigger Punch Option
  • Dust Extraction Option
  • 110-240VAC


  • With a larger plate capacity, the BSD300 puncher is a popular choice for Newborn or Neonatal Metabolic Screening (NBS).